Fellow Friends

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello December

Assalamualaikum peeps.

Helo and hye all readers.
How are you all today? Fine or else. Me? Hmm. I am totally fine. *reasonable answer right*
First day of december. Hope this month just gonna be fine for me. Guess what? I will checked in into miserable life 20 more days after this. Lets my countdown begin right now. Dare a challenge for myself. Urghh. Taking civil engineering course. Of course hardcore will be there for me. Dunno what to say but just waiting for the days i am gonna 'ciao' from house.
And lets my journey of suffer begin with the course i am taking 'prove to them, family, friends, Him thats everything is alright and fine for me' AND i can do it'
Jyeahh. Trust myself, work harder, prays, study smart !
(just motivate myself to be strong even i am not strong enough but i'll try to, InsyaAllah)

p/s : i am still learner. Many grammatical mistakes. Sorry =)