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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Polytechnic Life :')

Assalamualaikum and hai peeps,

Its been long time since I left this blog all alone. Felt like years I left it. And I have no idea to write that I have to wait till this night to 'typing' again. #lame excuse am I peeps ? Heyy peeps, stalker and friends. How are you all doing there with my silent? Are all of you doing great and well? Hope so. Me? Just fine, but so tired when I have to walk to poly and it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to reach there and walk all alone got no companion. My leg get sick this past few days. I can heard that its shouting need a rest even for several hours. I guess maybe.

Dear peeps,

Registered here under Civil Engineering course which is need mental and physical strength quite challenging for me who learn to practise ordinary life and have to change so drastic into hardcore life and in fast learning. Could you imagine that such thing? I feel like shouting all over the world that its gone to fast for person like me. But impossible for me to do that. When I'm registered here, I just dare myself to take this challenge and prove to my family "especially my parents who put hope on me". There only two words exist here, whether I want it PAST or FAILED. I choose what is right for me.

I have to learnt it until half-dead maybe to get a good pointer towards 4FLAT. If I get DEAN then its is good enough for me. Excellent works will followed by amazing result. I want that please. I want to retain SMILE in theirs face who never blame me on my fault even its is big. Just two words that gave me spirit TRY AGAIN, which lighten up my spirit to give a good try after that. Never felt bored to try till you're successful.

After he told me his pointer which is 3.5, I am thinking, does a person with dean suitable for person like me? He encourages me to get better pointer than him. I feel like laughing. But I'll try to. InsyaAllah. Never say said no before try right. I'm just giving a try for that. I will learnt more. That's all for tonight. See in my next entry :')

P/s : Never stop until you're success only if that Allah state for you :')

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