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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Who cares ?

Seem like I often write here. Ya seriously getting more and more often than before. Is there any magnet that attract me to write here? My answer, anything can change and do thing had changed my life. Almost too many thing. I made a mistakes so do I ask forgiveness from others. But when someone heart is broken can I fix that? The question is you can fix thing but not heart my pleasure. I am in the blame side. I have tried so much to make others satisfied but situation still the same. Do I have to try much harder? I am not superhuman that have power and can fix thing in a blink. I am ordinary people who have heart and feeling like others human being. It is my fault to fall in love? Say no please! Its my right not yours. Do say nothing my dear. I do not wish to hear anything from your babling mouth that nagging at me. I am too deaf to hear all that. So sorry. I am silly right? So you are. Better kept silent than you open your mouth and act like Angel? Whoaa. I felt like to slap your cute mouth if you are trying to give free lectures at me. Fierce? Certain time when I am too much upset. As I said earlier I am normal human being. My patience is not that thick dear. Please do not judge me till you know me. I am not that cruel as you thought. My tongue is sharp when I hate you. I would not hestitated to talk back about you loser. Who cares? Fuck off your business right? I never disturb your life so why do you must care about me? Wake up loser. You are not that good to judge. Yes I am bad but you are worst than me. That its. Too much? FULLSTOP, kbaii 

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