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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mixture of mine !

Assalamualaikum and hai peeps.

Got nothing to do, say, walk, talk and etc. Keep on BW at others blogs. Not like me, they did have so many ideas to write about. But me? lacking of ideas to write of.

Things happen for a solid reason. Do everything happen for a reason. Things changes with the flow. Kinda hurt when sometimes it happen suddenly without a reason. Cannot blame on fate. Try to accept with open heart. *what the hell am i babling about? Nevermind.

Left broken hearted? Its not fun at all. After you truly love someone then he/she leave you just like that. Its not your fault but them. You are not a toy so they can play with your feeling. You are a human. Not statue or barbie doll in mall. He/she is a looser if left person like you. Remember Allah gives us what we need not what we want. Shall be grateful of what you have not regret for what you lost.

Try to smile infront of others eventhough your heart is hurt and you lost your spirit. Even the smile is fake but nevermind. Its worth rather than you sad but no one can help you. Don't forget your problem but talk with someone so that can ease your pain. And much better than keep it alone. You are not angel live without problem. Normal to have problem buat abnormal to let it buried in yourself. Things can be solved. Talk with right person. Smile (:

Enjoy every precious second you have with worthful things.

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